Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mad Men bar

Mr. B is obsessed with the show Mad Men and has been dreaming about coming home for cocktails after a long day of advertising work (this is kinda funny, because he actually worked in an advertising agency for 6 years) since the show started.

I decided that instead of waiting, and waiting for the perfect piece, I would just get the project started and swap out better/swankier pieces as I came across them.

 I found great inspiration from Kelly Galvin Robson's High Street Market:

I got on craigslist and found a, I think its fondly referred to as a TV table in the midwest, not sure what LA people refer to a slightly-wobbly-fold-down-table as, but I bought it and then painted it white and then my sister, T, helped me make it look a little more "substantial (this is a word that is used to mean, "not cheap" in our family) with the introduction of some handles (thanks for the help!):

Here is the finished, painted, handled bar:

Remember that movie prop sale I went to last fall? Well, one of the cool pieces we found was a metal (maybe aluminum?) tray that was a not-so-pleasing olive color:

But, after a quick yellow spray paint job, it perfectly matches all of our yellow accents in the room!

 We decided to put up this bar, although I'm not super happy with it, so I'm still on the prowl for the actual bar table, but the "look and feel" (as ad men are notorious for quoting) is what we were looking for:

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  1. :{ i can't see any of the pictures! I don't know if it's just my computer or what. I can't wait to see what this table ended up looking like!