Friday, November 5, 2010

Chandelier DIY

I have been wanting a chandelier for a couple years, ever since I became enamored with the Hollywood Regency style and Kelly Wearstler's design of the Viceroy in Santa Monica. But I never could quite figure out where to buy one or how to diy one and I was especially daunted by how hard it might be to install one.

I wanted it to look something like this dining room:

After reading a favorite blog of mine, Style-for-Style, I decided I could do it. I set off to find one and follow her directions and enjoy the glow of my new "classiness".

It honestly took me about 3 months to find an affordable one, I searched all the thrift stores, craigslist, and flea markets in the LA area (and Scottsdale, AZ while visiting) and then when my frustration was at a breaking point....within a week's time, I stumbled on two chandeliers! One was $40 which double what I was hoping to spend, but by that point I just wanted to get my hands on one and get to work. The second one I found was $2 at a garage sale we happened by while driving to an apple picking farm way out in the boonies. I had to buy the second one, it was only $2!

Alas, I now have two and have given them both the same look (maybe I should have done them differently, one black and one white?) but only have space for one. I want to hold on to the second one and put it above my bed once I live somewhere that doesn't have heating coils in the ceiling (don't get me started), but I'm not sure how much longer Mr. B is going to live with a chandelier out on the patio.

Maybe something like this:

Once I got them both home and after spray painting and drying, I hung one of the chandeliers over the dining room table with plenty of help from this video, Mr. B, and T and with only a couple wrong-fuse mistakes.

Overall, it wasn't too hard to take down the previous light fixture and to install the chandelier and I think it will be easy to switch back the original light fixture when we move.

I forgot to take "before" pictures, but let me paint the picture for you.....brass, cobwebby, and lightbulb-less...not a pretty sight.

Here are the afters:

This is the one that is still on the patio :(

During the day:

And my favorite, at night

I am so happy to have followed through on this chandelier project that I have coveted for so long. Thanks to everyone that provided inspiration, tutorials, and help along the way!

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  1. Hang the 2nd one in the bathroom, maybe over the bathtub? :)