Friday, November 12, 2010

Lighting is important. It can set a mood, allows for reading, and the perfect lighting makes everyone look more beautiful. This apartment provided ample opportunity for us to be creative since we can't have overhead lighting in any of the living spaces.

We eagerly set off to find some great lamps and were shocked by the prices of lamps! Since when have lamps gotten so expensive? And you have to buy the lamp and shade separately?? Evidently, we have not kept up on the price point of lighting, sheesh, we were going to have to get crafty.

The struggle we found was finding a pair of lamps. There were beautiful lamps at the thrift stores, but most were flying solo. We found these beauties and even after the cost of rewiring, painting, and bulbs, we were WAY under the retail cost of similar styles.

We found these lamps:

For the bedroom nightstands

For the living room table

We ended up having to buy the shades from Ikea and HomeGoods because we couldn't find any discount ones.

Here are the afters:


Living Room

We are lit!

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