Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

For my Halloween costume this year I didn't have a lot of parameters, just that I wanted to try for something funny, not "too hard" to diy, and fit for a couple. After playing around with some ideas (characters from Jersey Shore, the guys from NPR's Car Talk, and other random ideas) Mr. B and I decided on the White House Party Crashers.

Here was the inspiration photo:

I looked everywhere for an inexpensive costume sari (or saree) and couldn't quite find anything that was "authentic" enough or looked enough like the inspiration photo. Although, I did come across several cool Bollywood costumes at the Spirit Halloween store and at the garment district in downtown Los Angeles, but nothing was quite right.

So, I decided that I would head over to Joann's Fabric and get some red "sari" material, gold trim and some kind of decals for the dress. My sister, T, and I ended up finding some great sales (as usual) and bought everything I needed for 24 dollars right as the store closed. I got a wig at Rite Aid and borrowed a pair of T's shoes to complete the look.

Here are the pieces:

And a glimpse of the sewing:

The hardest part of this costume by FAR was wrapping the sari correctly!
Ms. Fab's blog and this video from goodindiangirl on youtube helped me so much (and Mr. B's skills in the sari-wrapping department too)!

And a couple photos of the final product:

Happy Halloween 2010!

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