Monday, July 11, 2011

Dresser into 'Entertainment Center'

Rebecca from Painting the Roses White is the inspiration for this next project. Before I really understood what a blog was I would google everything. When I googled 'hollywood regency' for the first time to start getting inspiration for our new apartment (before we'd even moved in!) I came across this great blog post.

Here is her original dresser:

Rebecca's Dresser

And here's the one I bought off craigslist for $40 (thanks Mr. B for driving all the way to Hermosa Beach with me, then carrying it down 2 flights of stairs, tying it down in the car, unpacking it from the car, bringing it into our old apartment, then putting it in the moving truck, carrying it BACK up 2 flights of stairs to our new apartment etc, etc, etc):

Our craigslist find, so heavy!

Here is her paint job:

A creamy white paint

My drawers on the balcony ready for paint:

A lot of drawers to paint for a first timer

Her finished product:

(Almost) Finished project!
One last thing: new knobs! I changed out the originals for these, but am still not happy!

Here are Rebecca's:

Rebecca's knob

But, I think I want some handles/knobs more like this from Holly at Life in the Fun Lane:

This was a fun project that really got me into making things my own!

Unfortunately for me (and you!) Rebecca hasn't posted in a long time and I miss her clever ideas and funny stories dearly! Come back soon Rebecca!

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