Monday, July 18, 2011

TOMS Wedges-Sold Out!?

Love my red TOMS. Wear them with everything.

I decided that instead of buying (yet another) pair of Payless shoes that are cute but not comfortable, I would shell out the $70 for a pair of TOMS wedges. A big, big, BIG change of lifestyle for me. Gasp! I'm growing up!

Except....the ones I want are SOLD OUT. Everywhere. Even on Ebay, which for me is the ultimate go to for stuff that's sold out. Not this time.

I got on TOMS email list so they will notify me when they're back in stock, but in the meantime, I'm considering getting another color, but I heart these:

Sorry the pictures are so small! Go to the website to see the full size, trust me, you'll fall in love but don't forget that your heart will get broken!

When (and if) they are in stock and I get them, I'll post a photo of me in them! Fingers crossed!

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