Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hwy 1

Instead of tinkering around all Memorial Day weekend, Mr. B. and I decided to have a little adventure. We rented a Mustang convertible and headed up the coast!

Mr. B. and I cruisin!

We went from Santa Monica up to Big Sur. The sights were beautiful, the California coast is so marvelous and we saw some little antiques and also made a few stops along the way:

Elephant Seals and beautiful birds:

Elephant Seals sunbathing!

Near Cambria, CA

We stayed in Paso Robles at the Paso Robles Inn, an historic hotel with mineral tubs in the rooms, which was unexpected, different (the mineral water was green and STUNK) and fun!

Mineral spring bath

And we saw Nit Wit Ridge, a house made totally out of recycled (um, trash) goods:


Once we made it up to Big Sur, Hwy 1 was.....closed? Evidently, a big storm had come a few months back and WASHED OUT part of the road!

Hwy 1 Closure

Favorite part was definitely smelling the fresh strawberries growing in the fields as we snaked along the scenic tour!

And if you want to rent a convertible, try out Fox Rent-A-Car, they had great prices and were at LAX.

Definitely need a convertible in my life!

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