Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Window treatments, improving!

When we moved into the apartment all the amazing, beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows were tarnished by their ugly coverings. The window coverings are the "sliding blinds" ala college apartments and the landlord refused to take them down. Hmm. Mr. B. and I decided that even if we took them down, where would we put them? Its not like there's a lot of storage in this apartment, especially for giant 6 foot bars and 10 foot blinds. Ugh.

After hours of staring at them, I decided that we could just put curtains in front of the sliders and "pretend" that we couldn't see the blinds. Somehow, Mr. B agreed!

Off to Ikea we went and bought some inexpensive curtain rods and curtains to try out this little experiment.

IRJA curtain rod set $1.99

Bomull pair of curtains $19.99

We ended up zip-tieing the blinds back and were mildly happy. Well at least happier than we were feeling circa 1999 with red plastic cups.

Mildly happy about the dining room

Mildly happy with the living room


About 10 months later, Mr. B was examining the slider bars/rails (a better window treatment vocabulary would clearly be beneficial here!) and realized that they snapped out. Genius!

So, we unscrewed all the curtain rods and unsnapped all the slider bars/rails and then screwed the curtain rods into the walls UNDERNEATH the slider bars/rails! The look (to our eyes) is so much cleaner and a little less "noticeable."

You can really see how far out in front the curtain was before!

Not to be outdone by Mr. B's astounding discovery, I decided to use the hemming tape that had come with the curtains (10 months ago, sheesh) and hem the curtains to fit.

Curtains dragging on the floor

Then to put it over the top, I sewed the top loops in half so the blinds show even less!

Obviously not the greatest window treatment of all time, but my fellow apartment dwellers will appreciate the little ways to look more homeowner-ish. I hope?

Thanks for reading!

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