Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nail Bliss Review

Love the new nail stickers that have come on the market recently and have bought a few brands to try out for ease of application, cute design, and durability. Some have proven themselves as great alternatives, others, um, have not.

Today's review is for Nail Bliss in Pink Polkadots which I got at Sally's for 3.99 (before tax).

Here is the description:
Little gems that provide big glamour. Can be worn as a full cover look or accent pieces. Just cut appliqu├ęs into desired shape and apply directly onto natural or full cover nails. Wear lasts for up to three days.

The directions seemed simple enough, just stick, cut, and file. Oh, if only it would have been so simple.

Stuck then cut

After the cut

The cut wasn't close enough

After recutting, filing (only in a downwards motion), and top coating (twice).

All in all, it was not a simple stick'em job. Between the cutting, recutting, filing, and resticking with different sizes, it was about an hour's job. Way.too.long.

And although there are no photos to prove it, I am finding little nail stickers around my house because they started falling off after about 12 hours. Then to really give Nail Bliss a second chance, I put new ones on
and they too lasted no more than 12 hours.

Review for Nail Bliss--do not waste your money.

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